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Bullfighting carts are specially designed to learn to bullfight and introduce the little ones into the art of bullfighting. If you want to buy training wagons, in Mastoro we have the best for teaching bullfighting.

Our direct contact with wagon manufacturers allows us to have a wide range of options and the most competitive prices. In addition, its design is specially designed to acquire bullfighting skills in the most realistic way possible, so that they are very useful for both professionals and children.

Bull's Cart of Lydia

This bullfighting wagon mimics the real look of a bullfighter. A thorough job has been done to perfectly represent the finishes of the head,so that the manoeuvres of the bullfighter will be more similar to those that you must do before a real bull.

The handbar is a perfect way to prepare for the bullfights with lydiabulls, which are quite demanding and require specialized training. With Mastoro you can buy the perfect wagons to optimize the preparation of the runs or locks.

The best professional bullfighting wagons

We work directly with suppliers and know how each model works, so we can provide personalized advice to our customers. Contact us and we will give you all the necessary information to buy the best bullfighting wagons.

These quality wagons feature a metal square tube structure for increased strength. It is painted in black and the size of the wheel goes according to the chosen wagon model,making it easier to use and the desired trajectories are achieved more easily.

Handcrafted bullfighting wagons manufactured in Spain

These products are designed and manufactured in Spain by master craftsmen who take care of every detail. This is the only way to achieve such realistic wagons that they improve the teaching and training activities.

Children's wagons are built to offer hours of fun safely. They are ideal for children from the age of 2 and fully customizable with the name you want.

Carts are essential in bullfighting schools, and that is why we have in our catalog a wide repertoire of models, which can be adapted to the different characteristics of the person who will use them. For example, the same wagon will not be used for a professional adult as for a 5-year-old,so from here we encourage you to visit the website and consult any matter that is not entirely clear.

The craftsmanship done to make this training tool is praiseworthy. You will be able to check that the customizable wagon is made with a great realism at the head of the bull,with the aim of making it a more useful and effective element for the training and fun of the little ones.

Lightweight and sturdy bullfighting wagons

Buying bullfighting carts in Mastoro is a safe bet, as they have great resistance and you can use them for years. In addition, they are light when handling them and can be folded to transport them. They have metal ones that hold the structure using two screws with pigeon, so there is no need for the folding of the professional cart structure.

Therefore, folding wagons can be moved from one place to another, perfect for those teachers or bullfighting schools that move from one square to another and want to use the cheap bull wagons with the students. In addition, we have smaller models for children, thus incorporating them into the bullfighting learning process.

Bullfighting carts are one of the star products of our online store specialized in bullfighting. Check for yourself the excellent performance they offer in the square or contact us if you want more information about the bullfighting wagons. Personalized advice.

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