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If you're just getting started and you already have your crutch, the next thing you need is a good hood. You may be an expert in the art of the ring or your level will rub the professional and you want to take a leap in your learning. Whatever the case, in Mastoro we have the equipment you need to unleash your passion and your preparation.

The bullfighter's hood is the most eye-catching tool of the brave in the ring. With great weight and an imposing wingspan, this instrument requires hours of sacrifice and dedication for the love of art. As we want you to feel at ease with your practice tools, we offer you the best products on the market so that you customize them according to your needs.

Bullfighters for professionals and amateurs

We offer you a selection of bullfighter's canopies at affordable prices. Our range covers all levels of learning and adjusts to the dimensions that the bullfighter requires. From the most professional version, through the quality of the amateur until reaching the capote of the cadet and the beginner. Each of our pieces responds to a standard model of traditional manufacturing carried out by the best bullfighting tailors.

  • Premium raw materials.
  • Manufactured with an inner lining to gain in stiffness and weight.
  • Height to choose: Between 112 cm and 120 cm.
  • Weight from 3.6 kg.

You can choose to purchase a cheap bullfighter's hood of a standard size and weight for the classroom. If you want something more specialized, you can choose to buy a custom canvas to keep out, or buy a professional hood to prepare for your next run. In Mastoro you will find all the variants you may need, handmade and with your name sewn to avoid confusion with the companions.

Sale of tore-and-do capotes

The art of bullfighting encompasses a wide variety of artistic styles and formulas. One of them is textile making. If for something the bullfighter stands out in the square besides for its gallantness and elegance, it is for the brightness of his suit and for the voluminous beauty of his custom bullfighter's hood..

- Made of cotton combed with taffeta ligament.

- Finished glued or glued.

- Classic tailoring cut.

- Bullfighting pink exterior and traditional yellow or blue interior.

- An embroidered slave crowns the piece.

We are dedicated to the sale of capotes made by Spanish bullfighting artisans who observe from the detail the finish of their designs and the quality of their materials. In particular, for the masters of the square we have hoods made of silk to measure, just like those used by the figures of the bullfight when they go out to deal.

Reasons to buy your hood in Mastoro

You're looking for a professional hood. You look for the shops specialized in the Internet and Mastoro appear in the top three positions. You start comparing and soon realize that our items are excellent value for money. From there it's all benefits:

- Handmade bullfighter canopies with an exceptional finish.

- Customized: Weight, dimensions and colors adapted to the bullfighter's requests.

- Acquisition in physical store (Valencia) or through our online store.

- Shipments throughout Spain.

- Payment facilities, including installment option.

Our extensive range of products makes us the leading distributor of bullfighting items in Spain. Within that variety we have a section for the smallest fans of the house. Therefore, we went from buying adult bullfighter canopies, to visit the children's section and discover all the possibilities offered by Mastoro.

Tailor-made and personalized professional bullfighter's cane

It's never too early to start cultivating an artistic discipline. And, if that discipline also takes care of an ancient tradition, the more reason to make your child's happiness possible. Let him know the world of bullfighting from within. Make your dreams come true and buy one of our bullfighter's hoods at an incomparable price.

- Children's packs to learn by playing.

- 60 cm high canopy for children.

- 80 cm canopy for cadet child.

Perfectly scaled and identical to those usedby the professionals of the square, this type of capote is the antechamber of the new professionals who will see their name on the posters of the future. With 100% cotton quality and a taffeta and twill finish, children will feel like real right-handers in the middle of the work.

For all this and much more we consider ourselves the perfect solution to meet the demands of the right-handers. If you dare to give everything in the square, enter our shop and request one of our bullfighter's hoods.. Let us be your antechamber to triumph.

Complete your order with an inexpensive montera or give a children's wagon to the smallest in the family.




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