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Original bullfighting posters

Original Bullfighting Posters [Authentic] Mastoro

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The world of signage also has a prominent space in Mastoro. Every good bullfighter-loving collector knows that cartels fall into the category of graphic arts. They are in themselves artistically level advertising products that, over the decades, become objects of historical interest.

Its particular charm drinks from the most traditional costumbrism to represent beautiful wheel scenes. If you are passionate about art in its purest form, you can't miss the chance to get hold of one of our star products from the late 20th century.

In Mastoro we put at your disposal a large collection of original bullfighting posters that you can easily purchase in our online store or in our establishment located in Valencia.

Bullfighting posters in great condition

If you are a post collector and want to enhance the interest that already arouses your salon when you invite your friends,hang one of our posters from your wall. We're sure it's going to be the main topic of conversation over dinner.

- Posters of the 90s in perfect condition.

- Coming from private collections.

- Printed and numbered by the most recognized graphic in Spain.

- Difficult to find and at an unbeatable price.

Join the taste and dress your walls with the great successes of the past. You can start your own collection and create a walk of fame on the walls of your home.

Craft your own selection and add value to your living space with our original bull posters signed by the famous Gráfica Ortega. You will have in your living room pieces in good condition and of high heritage interest. The artistic currents that reigned in the 90s will elegantly crown the decoration of your home.

Bullfighting Bullfighting Bull charts

Through a poster with solera you can determine the evolution of the tastes and customs of bull enthusiasts of different eras. That is the main reason why the most specialized collectors in the bull field try to have more than one printed example among their belongings.

- Gun flag scenes.

- Images of hood lances.

- Rejoneator scenes placing flags.

- Images of bullfighting lunges.

Thinking like a collector, you'll be decorating your favorite corner with original bullfighting posters while making an investment for the future. Any bullfighting museum would be happy to include in its exhibition some of the pieces we offer you in stock.

Most of his illustrations are reproductions of works made by great bullfighting painters of the last century. Leave an imprint on your grandchildren's lives by creating heritage and building your own cultural heritage. We offer you for sale bullfighting posters that are more than thirty years old that you can treasure as a family..

Ancient bullfighting posters from private collections

The pleasure of gathering in the same series a group of bullfighting posters comes from the past to create a trend. Already in the late nineteenth century and throughout the twentieth century masters of painting left their mark on the history of art to record the important role that bullfighting had in society.

- Original signage of exceptional quality from private collections.

- Runs held in the Plaza de Toros de Valencia and other squares of the Valencian Community.

- Events held between 1991 and 1993.

- Propaganda material difficult to find.

For decades now the bull's signage became a hole in the artistic sector and to this day it is fortunate to have a good copy at home. Mastoro gives you the opportunity to acquire original posters of bullfighting so that you are part of that select group that safeguards the tradition of bullfighting framed and protected from time.

Original bullfighting posters to give away

Painters such as Goya, Eugenio Lucas the Elder or Ignacio Zuloaga were precursors of bullfighting poster with their bullfighting scenes. Later, artists such as Sorolla, Rafael Alberti and Picasso participated in the tradition by creating posters that left an indelible mark.

Following the same line of work, renowned graphic artists accommodated the best production of posters from the late twentieth century:

- Bullfighting posters for sale with dimensions: 106 cm x 54 cm.

- Full color with excellent graphics.

- With the official seal of Ortega production.

- Runs held between 1991 and 1993.

- Reduced prices from 20 to 30 euros.

Now, Mastoro put at your fingertips some of those original bullfighting posters to cover the walls of your house with historical pieces of bullfighting. Without a doubt, it is the best gift that can preside over the rooms of a great bull fan. A luxury that will create a unique atmosphere in your personal space.

Transmit the passion for bulls to the little ones through the clicks of Playmobil bullfighters,ideal for playing or collecting.




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