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Taurine toys for big bull

Bullfighting toys for big bull ✔The best design, at the best price.

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New bulls with chiqueros, for toy bulls. Manufactured in lacquered wood of great thickness and quality, totally artisanal. Features of the toy with chiqueros: - 5 individual chiqueros, with door. - 9 doors. - Bull...

Pirámide para toros como la utilizada en los festejos populares de vaquillas y toros.  Fabricada en madera con una bonita combinación de color rojo y madera.  Dimensiones 20 Largo x 15 Ancho x 9,5 Alto. Producto...
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Bullfighting toys for large resin bull.

Bullfighting toys for locking up and bous al carrer.

Awaken the fans' hobby with our large resin bull-scale bull toys. They are all manufactured at 1/16 scale to be combined with each other. These toys are much larger and more impressive than the playmobil scale. Also the finish is much better, with more "premium" details that this size allows us to perform.

We have a wide catalog of bullfighting toys that can be divided into several main categories:

- Toy bullrings: Bull squares from 50 cm. in size, with or without inner alley. We also have sizes of 65 cm, 70 cm. and 80 cm. which is our largest and most complete model.

- Bull transport trucks: All with special trailer booths. Trucks with 6 cages without rear ramp or with rear folding platform for unloading toy bulls.

- Chiqueros or bullils: Toriles from 60 cm. with separation doors and taunts. Also smaller and corroded models. With feeders and very realistic details.

- Toys for bull enclosures or bous al carrer: In this category there is a wide variety of toys exactly the same as those used in the shows and bullfighting events of the villages: bull drawers, barriers, talanqueras, stairs, pyramids, etec. All can be combined with each other to make impressive montages that will test your imagination.

All our bullfighting locking toys are made of wood with a completely manual and handcrafted process. OPTIONALLY WE CAN CUSTOMIZE THEM WITH NAMES, DATES OR IRONS OF WINNINGS if the file is supplied to us. A gift you will never forget and that will provide you with hours and hours of fun.

All our bullfighting toys are shipped with individual boxes specially designed for each of them. The delivery time, if available and not need to be customized, is 48 hours. It is important that we are informed if it is for a certain date, so that we can estimate if it is possible within that time limit.

Bullfighting Shop mastoro

In our bullfighting shop we have the best bullfighting toys for you to offer the bullfighting gift that any bullfighting fan deserves. Impossible to disappoint with any of these bullfighting accessories.

There are several payment methods: either by card, bank account transfer, paypal or cashback. We also have installment payments, in the months you choose.

Any questions, please get in touch and we will respond as soon as possible.




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