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Bullfighter's crutches

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If you want to learn from scratch with the best bullfighting teachers, the first thing you need to do is find a beginner's equipment tailored to your needs.

It is usually difficult to find such items in any establishment, and more with these finishes. In Mastoro we offer you high quality bullfighter crutches, made with the best raw materials to guarantee you an agile and safe practice.

We advise you to always have products marketed by specialized companies. If you are a bullfighter lover who only wants the best, count on Mastoro.

We are the Spanish bullfighting store with the greatest international impact and our headquarters are in Valencia. Come visit us or check our online stock. Check for yourself the magnificent qualities of our products and get the best equipment for your classes.

Bullfighters for schools and individuals

Whether you're starting to train at a bullfighting school or already an expert dealing in the square, our bullfighting crutches will come in handy during your workout.

- Complete crutch pack for beginners.

- Complete crutch pack for amateur.

- Professional mlet.

To start your daily routine the best thing you can do is choose one of the first two options. Both have a professional-like cut, although the beginner, as expected, weighs less. Made of red fabric and yellow lining, they include a wooden stael for mounting the crutch and an aluminum aid.

The measurements of these crutches are standardized and adapted to the learning process. You will have freedom of movement with a structure 90 cm high by 142 cm long. However, if your talent outweighs your prowess, we advise you to get a professional bullfighting crutch. You will have the opportunity to rehearse your turns with a canvas that could go fishing in the square.

Fully customized bull crutches

If you are a professional you already live the square from maturity. Years of experience have given you wisdom and body thanks to your clashes with the bull. For you, training is more than just an activity, it's a way of life, a primary necessity.

You know that a good execution goes hand in hand with a quality tool. That's why we offer you a custom bullfighter crutch with the best finish.

- Made by master bullfighting tailors.

- Made of heavy cotton twill.

- Traditional tailoring cut and color.

- Standard dimensions: 98 cm high and 175 cm long.

As you can imagine, these types of professional bull crutches are prepared to withstand intensity training. It is clear that in this case there is no need for help, although it is very useful for apprentices and children.

Counting on them, we have in stock equipment "to play" with staquillas and aids that can be the antechamber of a professional life full of fullness.

High quality, precision professional crutch

We are dedicated to the sale of crutches for bulling and practice,so safety and reliability are two characteristics of our products. We only work with articles made with the highest quality and with a finish that allows precision during the execution of the training.

Just as we offer the best tools to the elderly, we offeryousmaller productions for your children to play their favorite imaginary.

- Cheap cantes and bully crutches.

- Zelut and help.

- Flags.

- Montera.

- Horns.

The passion for bulls in the childhood stage is determined by the illusion, by the figure of a hero who walks the ring with the mettle of a warrior. It's normal for your child to want to imitate his lunge or try to learn the technique of each of his movements. To let your imagination run wild we recommend one of our packs. Your gift will open up endless possibilities on the playing field.

From Mastoro we want to encourage you to get on with your dream doing what you love the most. We are fans of the bull for as long as we have memory and understand your needs perfectly. We understand enthusiasts who want to revalue their collection and we cater to requests from professionals who leave their skin in the ring.

Don't miss our bullfighting flagssection, as well as professional esports and casts.

We are your bullfighting store, located in Valencia and with direct connection to your home from our online store. If you're here it's because you have enough reason to place your first order. Easy, fast and safe, this is how our service is described. And if you have any doubts, you only have to call us by phone, send us an e-mail or visit us, so you can see for yourself the quality of our bullfighter crutches.

We're waiting for you.




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