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Bullfighting sets for children

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Your child may be innate or his passion for bulls may be because of a family tradition. Either way, if your little one endures an entire afternoon of televised bulls and plays to repeat the movements of the great masters, our bullfighting items for children will make you more excited than anything. For them, who live every day between reality and fantasy, the bullfighter is a hero, as were the gladiators of the Colosseum.

Worth admiring for the beauty of their movements, for the brightness of their costumes and for the courage to put their lives at risk. Children with bullfighting tastes look at the bullfighter and live the tradition from illusion. That's the seed of talent. As responsible and cautious parents you will want your children to learn to walk before running. That's why, to make playing and learning easier than ever, we put in your hands the best reproductions on the market.

Bullfighting items for cadets and children

In Mastoro you have the opportunity to get hold of one of our learning packs. These bullfighting sets for kids are perfect for a first touch-up with the world of the ring. In our online store you can easily choose any of our equipment.

- Packs include capote and crutch.

- Zeleler.

- Flags.

- Montera.

- Horns.

Depending on the interests of your child you can choose one set or another, although to enjoy a complete game we recommend giving him the complete pack. All your friends will be able to participate. And if you have more children, playing as a family will reward you with great memories you will never forget.

You should know that our articles are faithful representations of the bullfighter's tools. We have been concerned with looking for the best children's bullfighting instruments, adapted to the size of your child and created with top quality safe raw materials. They are much more than a toy, they are the ideal utensil to take the first steps in the professional world of the bull. They can be the "textbooks" of your bullfighting school.

Totally safe bullfighting children's tools

Each of the items we put at your disposal are a product of a 100% safe and approved manufacture. Each bullfighting instrument for children has been made with high quality products, without edges or weight.

- Your child will be able to do his or her lunge in the air with a plastic lung.

- You can feel a bullfighter with a real mountaineer to your proper measure.

- Give your first hoods without getting tangled, getting results from day one.

- Practice the art of the flag while a friend runs with the bull's horns.

Weekend snacks will fly by with these "toys" that take the art of the square to your own living room. If you want to complete your equipment, you can always buy our pieces individually, although you will save more if you get everything you need by taking advantage of the offer of the packs.

These bullfighting articles for kids are suitable for play and to take seriously a focused learning to move forward. You can use it as you prefer. For a classroom is the teaching material that any teacher would request from their students. For a bull-loving father can be the ideal excuse to live great moments with family.

You can also purchase children's flags individually or craft toys such as bull trucks or toy bullrings. camiones taurinos

High-quality children's bullfighting sets

We've said it before, but we never get tired of reminding you. Our children's tools for bullfighting have been manufactured with your children's needs in mind. You can forget about unnecessary dangers and teach him without worry how to use his instruments respa financially.

- 65 cm crutches and hoods.

- Capote made of lightweight fabric for easy handling.

- Exact replicas of adult utensils.

- The crutch can incorporate a aid made of aluminum (without tip).

Accommodating the little one to a simple practice helps him fall in love with his discipline. Therefore, crutches and cantes have been adapted to an affordable size and weight for a reduced and clean movement. They will look like bullfighters in practice, with the same ease and elegance by montera.

In our store located in Valencia you can buy any of these children's bullfighting items. They're hard to find, that's why we exist, so you don't go crazy looking everywhere. If you live further and find it impossible to approach our premises, you can order us through our online store.

We place orders for Spain, France and Portugal, so distance is not a handicap. You will be able to make your purchase safely and receive your order in a matter of days. Get the best bullfighting items for kids without moving from home. Your gift will make them enjoy and have fun at the same time that they start in their greatest hobby.




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