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Bullfighting sculptures and trophies

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At last that time of year has come when bullfighting festivities permeate the atmosphere of color and value.

The fairs bring with them a multitude of events,each governed by their own idiosyncrasies, although they are all distinguished by the same feeling of brotherhood.

The passionate gives his heart to the celebration and lets himself be carried away by the excitement of the moment, living it with a heartbreaking intensity.

Some practice the art of bullfighting and trimmer. Others dare to test the rabbi's stamina or face the bull as lock-up runners. For them, nothing beats rewarding their skill and bravery with a trophy to match their exploits.

At Mastoro we offer you a unique selection of bullfighting sculptures at an affordable price so you can choose the right piece and award in style to the most intrepid of the participants in your contest.

Bullfighting sculptures with bullfighting motifs

In our online shop you have at your disposal sculptures and bullfighting trophies with which you can put the icing on that event that every year exceeds the capacity of your place:

- Bull figures.

- Bulls with trimmers.

- Bullfighting passes.

- Bulls with pylon and rabbi or cutter.

- Sculptures of bull embolado and with rings.

Because in Mastoro we are true lovers of bullfighting and we value first and foremost its heritage excellence, we offer manufactured products made by the best master craftsmen with a personalized and incomparable finish.

We are fortunate to have the hands of the most recognized bullfighting sculptor in the Valencian Community, Rafa Mir, in charge of exclusively creating the designs of our select range of metal bullfighting sculptures. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to acquire ceramic figures manufactured by prestigious companies with an unquestionable quality profile.

Bullfighting trophies for contests and events

Its magnificent finish and its creative character make our bull sculptures the ideal detail for any celebration where the bullfighter is the greatest exponent:

- Sculptures for commemorative events.

- Trophies for contests.

- Exhibition sculptures (galleries and museums).

- Designs for interior decoration.

- Gifts to celebrate anniversaries.

You may seek a memory to celebrate an act of recognition for a lifetime dedicated to the bull. It is also the perfect present to congratulate a retirement, a birthday or to surprise a lover of bullfighting who dresses his house with works of art.

If you're looking to surprise the winners of a talent contest,it's best to take a look at our bullfighting sculptures section and look for the specialty. In it you will find the model trophy for trimmer and bullfighting competitions. You can give your event that touch of distinction.

Taurine figures with their own style

In Mastoro we are proud to collaborate by giving meaning to this ancestral art and to make it possible for tradition to remain alive and evolving through our trophies of bullfighters:

- Rafa Mir brings each scene to life in a figurative translation.

- Sculptor of great popularity in the bullfighting field.

- Create a type of sculpture inspired by the bous al carrer.

- Pieces made of wrought iron based on a linear concept.

- His work is distinguished with the naked eye by its unique profile and innovative character.

Today, Rafa Mir has become the most recognized plastic artist in his sector nationally. His work has established itself as a symbol of genius to reward great promises. In our shop located in Valencia his sculptures of bullfighters inspire small, collectors, followers, ranchers and great artists of all disciplines..

Forged metal bull figures

Thinking of the new generations, we felt it necessary to give their place to sculptural avant-garde wrought in iron. A good example of this can be found in our sculptures and trimmer trophies..

- Figurey designs of geometric tendency.

- Conceptual personality with a minimalist touch.

- Curvature and volume come together to create dynamic scenes.

- Dalian appearance where simplicity and curve call the abstract.

- Linear simplisticness that generates a sense of movement.

We always adapt to your needs, that's why we offer you several payment methods,so that the procedure is as easy and intuitive as possible. You can easily purchase all these collector's items in our online store or in our headquarters located on Calle General San Martín, in Valencia.

If you have any questions or would like to receive personalized advice, contact us via e-mail, call us by phone or send us a WhatsApp.

This year take advantage of the news Mastoro to highlight your events and make a difference. Give art and passion with our bullfighting sculptures.

Don't forget to check out our high-quality bullfighter's tops with customization options.




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