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Our capes and crutches are used by both bullfighting professionals or beginners,as well as countless practical amateurs, who feel and enjoy the bullfighting a calf in the countryside.

Finding such products with excellent quality is essential to achieve a selection of complete bullfighting accessories. Discover all the advantages of buying in our online store and the benefits you can get as a buyer.

Sale of canopies and crutches manufactured in Spain

You can find our high quality products, in the physical store of Mastoro, located in Valencia, on Calle General San Martín,behind the Plaza de Toros de Valencia, in an ideal enclave of the city.

But times have changed, today, it is possible to buy all kinds of products both in a physical store and online.

Our store has adapted to these changes, updating our way of selling without forgetting our values, maintaining our high quality products manufactured in Spain.

To do this, we have made sure to offer various secure payment methods,to facilitate in addition to the purchase in the physical store, the possibility to buy can tops and crutches online.

All our forms of payments are secure and reliable,as we make sure to make bank transfers in trusted places, as well as ensuring safe shipping.

That's not all, besides, we have a team of professionals and experts in the sector,with many years of experience behind them. Thanks to them, you can get a personalized treatment and advice, in every question you have throughout the process.

Cheap canopies and crutches to bully

In Mastoro, we have prices of cheap capotes and crutches, products where quality and good price go hand in hand.

Discover all our must-have bullfighting accessories, to have a complete selection.

To begin with, we have all kinds of brega capes,used to perform the luck of the bullfighting and make the first artistic launches for the first thirds of a bullfight.

All the hoods that we have can be customized with the name. There are different types of brega hoods,depending on how useful you are going to have.

  • Canopy to bulle for beginners. Designed with materials suitable for occasional capeas and bullfighting shows.
  • Bullfighting canopy for amateurs. It is perfect for practical amateurs, groping and bullfighting schools.
  • Professional brega capote. It is the type of hood used by bullfighters in bullrings, the hood of a true bullfighting professional.

On the other hand, the price of crutches to bullar is also very economical, with a wide range of them, from crutches for beginners as well as professionals.

There are two packs of crutches,depending on the utility you are going to have it and at a good price.

  • Pack for beginners. It consists of a light crutch, sta make-up and aluminum aid. Measuring the crutch 90 centimeters.
  • Pack for amateur. Composed of a crutch with more weight, makeup artist and more quality help than in the previous pack. It has the same size as the previous crutch, 90 centimeters.

Brega cantes and high-quality bullfighting crutches

When you buy bullfighting accessories you want them to be of excellent quality, offering a unique experience and guarantee.

Therefore, in Mastoro, we make sure that our products are made with maximum efficiency, manufactured by expert metal artisans or by bullfighting tailors.

Thanks to this, most accessories can be customized to detail, adapting them, in this way, to the measurements or weights requested by our customers.

They have the necessary materials and characteristics, depending on the utility you will have.

For example, the quality of the different capotes is taken care of in detail, depending on the use of each of them:

  • Beginner hoods do not have an inner lining, to achieve an ideal weight, in addition, the outer fabric is designed to repel dirt.
  • Amateur hoods feature an inner lining that gives it stiffness and weight, with the outer fabric to repel dirt and with a carefully detailed slave embroidery.
  • The brega hoods for professionals,have a special fabric, with a lot of shine, nylon that prevents the bull from getting hooked on it. Adaptable to the taste and weight of the bullfighter.

All of them can even be customized with the name you request, to get a unique and original hood.

The crutches are also made with excellent quality, as it is essential to offer a unique experience during bullfighting.

We care about providing the best experience to our customers. To achieve this, we thoroughly check that all the products we ship online or that we sell are in perfect condition.

In addition, if any questions arise during the process as soon as the product, we are happy to help you.

Do not hesitate to come to us, either by phone, email or to move to our physical store in Valencia, located behind the Plaza de Toros. We will assist you in a personalized way.

As you have seen, there are capes and crutches for all kinds of audiences,designed to facilitate any type of use that you want to give it, customized and even with your name embroidered. Discover all the options of these high quality bulling accessories.




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